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[其他飲食] 無品店主 - 帝國中心

今日,我同我媽去到 richmond 帝國中心 food court 打算買外賣 。見倒有家 “蔡家鹽焗雞” 就睇下 menu.
睇左大約兩分鐘 , 老板行到 booth 前, 第一句就係 。。。。睇完未?
跟著佢地有個鹽焗去骨雞切絲, 我問聲請問有無半隻賣 , 佢答我 。。。。你自己整啦!


有時間,我會坐係個 food court 就睇下佢會點對其他客同有幾多生意。

I visited this place often
yes, the first impression that the boss gave me is like, hm....did I owe you money?
but then after a few visits (because I like the shredded chicken on rice very much), i found out that the boss is the kind of people who has so-called "natural-bitch-face" and don't know much how to do friendly-talk. His tone is cold even when he is trying to be nice LOL

well, I dont care much about his attitude, as long as the food is good. I pay and I go. That's it


been there once, order the hand shredded chicken on rice . Waited 15+ mins ( mine was the only order, the guy disappear to the back for a long time, than attended to my order when he saw me waiting in-front of the shop). Never again , btw the chicken doesn't even taste that good.


佢係short short 地㗎