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This woman has been making daily bottle deposits for 21 years......

This woman has been making daily bottle deposits for 21 years, giving estimated $15K to B.C. Cancer Foundation

Gia Tran, 62, has been collecting bottles and cans on Vancouver's Downtown Eastside for more than 2 decades

Rafferty Baker · CBC News · Posted: Oct 09, 2018 7:00 AM PT | Last Updated: 33 minutes ago

Gia Tran lets loose a burst of laughter, saying: 'I see people, no work — people tired. I don't want [that]. I want people happy, same as me.' (Rafferty Baker/CBC)77 comments

It's a scene that plays out nearly every single weekday at the B.C. Cancer Foundation office in Vancouver.

A small, 62-year-old woman comes in the front door, shares an explosive laugh and an infectious smile, and hands over a small amount of cash.

Last Friday, Gia Tran gave foundation staff a $10 bill and a toonie. In exchange, she got a handwritten receipt and a few kind words with a smile.

"It's always the same," said Dianne Parker, the receptionist at the foundation's office. "She comes in with a big smile and she always says, 'I love everybody here, and I want to help people.'"

The small donations have added up — Tran has been doing this for 21 years. The B.C. Cancer Foundation only has records going back about 10 years, but staff estimates she has brought about $15,000 to the organization.

Gia Tran, 62, puts some empty drink containers in a bag. (Rafferty Baker/CBC)

"My kids say, 'Mom, I don't want you to go outside. It's too cold,'" Tran said. "I say: 'No, I go. I want to help people. I want to go to the hospital — cancer. I help people.'

"My kids say, 'OK, you go, you go.'"

Tran lives near Main and East Hastings streets, and typically patrols the area along Hastings for containers. She says it's much better during the summer; when more people are outside drinking.

She said cans are preferable, because they aren't as heavy to lug around as bags full of glass bottles.

"Bottles, I'm not happy," said Tran. "Cans, easy."

'My kids sometimes tell me, "Mom, you're old, stay home,"' says Tran. But she ignores her children and heads out to collect bottles nearly every day. (Rafferty Baker/CBC)

Once she feels she's gathered enough containers, Tran takes them to the depot on foot. She said the bus takes a while, and the drivers limit her load.

"I walk. On the bus I only get one bag, not two bags," said Tran. "I walk, I don't care."

Then she either takes the bus or walks to the foundation's office. On a good day it takes her 45 minutes, one way. Tran says in the winter, the trip can take an hour and a half.

'The joy of our day'

It's not entirely clear why Tran chose the B.C. Cancer Foundation for her years of generosity. At this point, the habit is so entrenched, it appears that she's just as happy to see foundation staff as they are to see her.

"I don't know why," she said. "People happy, I'm happy too."

Gia Tran says bus drivers don't let her on board with two bags full of empty drink containers, so she'll often walk instead. (Rafferty Baker/CBC)

According to Sarah Roth, chief executive of the B.C. Cancer Foundation, Tran's visits are a daily highlight.

"She is like the joy of our day when she comes, absolutely," said Roth.

"She's just here because of the kindness of her heart, and that then spills into our whole office and it makes everybody smile and it makes everyone feel good," she said.

"No matter what kind of day you're having, when Gia comes in, you forget about it and you just focus on her warmth and her laughter and her true benevolence."

"It's an amazing story of gratitude, of altruism," said Roth.