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[其他飲食] 有咩呢道食唔到,又好想食?

本帖最後由 ACC-HE 於 2009-6-4 13:43 編輯

Maybe experts like somewhereintime or versa can explain the reasons behind why these food can't be served here?

Or if you know where about in Greater Vancouver that serves it, please post.

本帖最後由 ACC-HE 於 2009-6-4 13:46 編輯

Let me go first...


I mean... 潮式!  魚蛋粉 here are tasteless, not to mention the 粉 are usually rough, bad quality from Hon's.  Oh ya, and 辣椒油 and soup here suck too...

Any idea how to make those garlic toppings?  冬菜+炸蒜?
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本帖最後由 myversa 於 2009-6-4 13:54 編輯

A lot of Taiwanese snacks you cannot eat here.... such as 豬血糕



Never tried until last time in HK.  Delicious.  Obviously... we have no 聖子.
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本帖最後由 somewhereintime 於 2009-6-4 12:55 編輯

1.  Real Cantonese style snake soup, the one available here just gross: a good snake
     soup begins with a rich fresh snake broth, which is unheard of here,
     frozen cardboard-like snake meat, no  decent chrysanthemum and
     crispy pastry for topping.
2.  Good mangoes, the only variety available year round is from Vietnam, $5-$8 a
     pound.  Taiwanese and Indian Alfonso only available 2 weeks in Summer
3.  Good live fishes,  even in Vancouver, there are not many choices  for decent fish
     I don't like salmon
4.  Good hawker style street foods
5.  Good high-end  buffet
and more....


Malaysian Prawn Noodle Soup; only two places in Vancouver you can eat them: Junk Street in downtown and my restaurant.

Even the noodle soup in my restaurant has very similar taste but the one in Malaysian still tastes better.  Why?  They use many prawn shells to cook the soup for long hours.


Why?  They use many prawn shells to cook the soup for long hours.
myversa 發表於 2009-6-4 14:00

You could have done the same, can't u?


high-end  buffet
somewhereintime 發表於 2009-6-4 13:54

high-end buffet??  I guess our hotels would have something like that?

How high-end are we talking about?



This one I have to agree with somewhereintime.

I tried two high-end buffet in Taiwanese and many times here in vancouver (such as Hotel Vancouver and Herons - Fairmont Waterfront.) but I still find the ones in Taiwan are far better.

1.  In term of food selection, Taiwan's have much more selection and there are more sea food items such as raw oyster and crab and more)
2  In term of desert selection, Most buffet here served with different kind of very sweet cakes while Taiwan'se served with different kind of dessert.



well in Malaysian, usually one hawker only sells one type of food so they can have that much time to cook the prawn soup.

In addition, they really need many prawn shells to cook the soup.