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我對大部份中國大陸的朋友們, 越來越失望...

啱啱响Aberdeen food court食完lunch番公司.  喂点解大陸人咁鍾意打尖既呢? 好聲好氣同佢講,佢又仲惡過你。買雞亦啫,係要等架啦, 打一個尖快得幾多喎! 好討厭!

買完企埋一邊等叫number時, 企我前面個女人掉左張巴士票落地,佢睇唔倒, 我幫佢執番地上的巴士票比番佢, 佢...真係唔該都無聲! 之後我諗, 佢會唔會係扮跌野,其實只係想就咁掉左用完既巴士票落地, 我好心做壞事。

大陸人, 話對你地無偏見真係假既。

If you are in HK there will be 100x more freewalkers

I heard from radio one time that a freewalker let his son poo at a sink in disneyland toilet lor

So uncivilized


A few months ago I was saw a father holding his one year old child over a garbage bin in front of the chinese market in Park Drive and just poo poo there. I was so shooked but he behaved like thats so normal. May be these things are very normal for them.


i know we are all chinese~~.. and trying not to be mean here

but i feel the same way too...
i just dun like the fact that they are so freaking loud all the time...
when they talk ...wow...
like when i go to the mall, i can hear all the "er er er er" mandarin everywhere.. (loud ones)


Around 9 of out 10 mainlanders that i know personally, their brain structures are different from normal people... Their logics are just very WTF...

It's just really hard to deal with mainlanders...


所以因為咁好多香港黎既人都會同 " 大陸 " 呢個字劃清界線, 例如有鬼佬問 " are you from china? " o的香港人好鐘意答  : " no, i come from Hong Kong"...( 有個鬼佬 client 同我講既 )


I can see that being a problem.., but to some local caucasians, they may see us the same way we see some of the people from mainland china..!

BTW, I know a few people from my church 1 4X married woman, and 1 young couple.  They are far far far better than many HK people I've met.

The younger generation Chinese who received education here in Canada may have better manners, or more polite in some ways, but what about some of our parents...!?

I moved here in 1990, and I got to see all kind of crazy HK C9 all these years..!

What I am trying to get to is that we all come from diff. culture and background.  And it does take a long time to adapte to the new culture even if we are willing to..., it is not an excuse, just something we have to understand.  In many cases, many of us think our culture are better than the others as well...!

I have worked in IT for 2 non-profit social work organization in Seattle, and both places have the focus on anti-rascism..!  I had the opportunities to attend trainning on "Competency Training in 'Culture and Conflict'"  Trust me there are a lot to learn, and there are a lot that we are not aware..!  We shouldn't start looking down on people, instead we should continue to educatate ourself or our friends on anti-rascism, etc..


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我班frd, 10個有7個都係大陸人. 我gf都係from Guangzhou. 又唔見佢地係咁? 有時仲衛生/有禮貌過我添...

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所以因為咁好多香港黎既人都會同 " 大陸 " 呢個字劃清界線, 例如有鬼佬問 " are you from china? " o的香港人好鐘意答  : " no, i come from Hong Kong"...( 有個鬼佬 client 同我講既 ) ...

haha totally agree
cos this is me when i went to disneyland this xmas
alot of cast members ask me and my bf if we're from japan, then i said no
and they'll ask if we're from china
i'll say " no~ i'm from hong kong!"


I believe not all mainlanders are rude and uncivilized.

However I recently had a similar unpleasant experience with those "bad apples".
I was playing drop-in badminton @ Yumo. all the courts were for drop-in. A bunch of mainland immigrants were playing at a court for almost an hour without rotating. That was not fair for the other players, especially me and my friends who were next on the waiting list.  

so i went over and told them that their time was up and needed to wait like everybody else. one of them who know a little English told his mates  about this and all the sudden, everyone of them started shouting and swearing at me using mandarin. they gave up the court yet kept shouting in mandarin on the side.

all games on the other courts were frozen bcuz of them shouting.

me and my friends pretended nothing happened and played on their court. i think it would have been worse if i let them know i can speak mandarin.