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作者: jennypun    時間: 2011-1-10 02:52     標題: Engagement Ring or Wedding Band...

(For girls ) tell me please:
What brand is your most wanted for engagement ring?
how much (or how big the diamond) is your ring?
作者: Quest    時間: 2011-1-10 08:12

no diamonds, pure platinum, total 4.3k.

bought 9+ yrs ago.

Diamond means nothing these days..
作者: fibbi    時間: 2011-1-10 12:46

If budget is not a brand like tiffany/cartier/burks..and of course bigger than better la...hahaha
But if I were to choose, I prefer stone w/ good quality instead of large amount goes to the brand name.
作者: 布小熊    時間: 2011-1-10 13:03

wedding band seldom has diamond (or at least no big ones).
For engagement rings, I guess it's more important with the 4Cs if you are talking about the diamonds on them.
I am surprised that you mention the brand name first. IMO it's the least concern to most girls. You can have a tiffany style set engagement ring (i.e. simple band with just the diamond) but is that important to have a ring actually from Tiffany? I don't know. Most girls won't want that if the trade off is to get a much smaller stone.

To me, diamond isn't important. The wedding band means a lot more than the engagement ring. And if any diamond is involved, it's better not to be any "blood diamond". May be Canadian or Australian ones are ok.
作者: bubu127    時間: 2011-1-10 17:23

I really don't think brand name is important for engagement rings; Most people would only ask how big is the diamond rather than "is this tiffany/cartier?". To me, the most important thing about diamond rings is the 4C's. I'm very glad that my finace didn't get me tiffany/cartier rings because for the amount of money you spend on those brand name rings you could have gotten much much nicer and bigger diamonds. The markup for those brand names is crazy. Sometimes it maybe even better to get it custom made -- it's more unique and perhaps the design will mean something to you.

Don't forget that you might spend a lot of money on your wedding (photographer/reception/food/decor/honeymoon); So people may need to buy a place to live too. That's another big expense. It's sooo easy to go over budget when planning a wedding. So is it really worth it in the end to get a brand name ring when you can put the money towards other things in your wedding? It's really up to you on where you want to spend the money.
作者: jennypun    時間: 2011-1-10 19:38

回復 5# bubu127

Totally Agree with you.. I was just watching tv yesterday with my bf,  "Slice" rich bride poor bride, and we found it's funny when ppl getting marry they all fighting over the wedding dress, ring, venue for party...etc..

Then all the sudden, my bf asked me what brand and size u want for the ring...
and coz i know nth about it, so i wanna ask how everyone thinks..
作者: FiChai    時間: 2011-1-10 22:03

The reality is, not too many people can tell the design and brand of your ring right away by the first glance; but they can tell if it's bigger than 1CT or smaller than 0.5CT, and if it's in sparking white or dull yellowish!
But hey, the size of the diamond doesn't necessary proportional to the love your man loves you!
作者: jennypun    時間: 2011-1-10 22:38

hahahah but i do believe the saying,  " is not about how much money u have, is the amount of money u willing to spend on me!"
作者: FiChai    時間: 2011-1-11 00:20

hahahah but i do believe the saying,  " is not about how much money u have, is the amount of money u ...
jennypun 發表於 2011-1-10 22:38

Very true! But into more detail, "it's not about how much money you are willing to spend in one day (the wedding day), it's the amount you are willing to spend in my whole life (marriage life)"! Hahaha.......... LOL
作者: tsumorichisato    時間: 2011-1-11 14:54

It's normal for someone who just starts looking at diamond will focus on the brands. If you ask me I love Harry Winston and Tacori over Tiffany's and Cartier.

For Tiffany's one thing it's good you have a 1 time upgrade option, let's say you have spent 5K on your e-ring (considerably pretty tiny stone in Tiffany's, couple years after if you want something bigger, as long as your new stone values more than a double (>10K). Tiffany's can take your old stone back and still give you back the value to put back to the new stone.
作者: cremedelacreme    時間: 2011-1-20 23:27

I do not think brand name is important at all.  Why pay more $ for the brand, instead you can invest the money to get a better diamond.  And to me, the most important thing about diamond rings are the 4C.  And even with Tiffany, they do have the 1 time upgrade option, but I personally don't think its right to do it.  The engagement ring (or maybe wedding band), means a lot to me, its a symbol of us uniting into one, and I will never ever ever give my old stone/ring back to them, and upgrade for a better one.
作者: jennypun    時間: 2011-1-21 21:47

I do not think brand name is important at all.  Why pay more $ for the brand, instead you can invest ...
cremedelacreme 發表於 2011-1-20 23:27

   ya.. i guess i will just tell my hunny to make more money and buy a bigger one.. lol
but never return any of the rings he bought me.. coz each one mean sth to me...
作者: babybear28    時間: 2011-1-24 12:37

4C are much important than name brand.  You can buy a really good quality diamond from a diamond broker and spend much less than a similar one from Tiffany.  Buying from a diamond broker, you can choose your diamond and ring style separately.   

This is what my husband did when he bought the engagement ring for me:  he bought a good quality diamond from a diamond broker.  He had the opportunity to see the "inside" of the diamond.  Then he picked a ring style which is similar to Tiffany's and asked the diamond broker put them together.  My engagement ring looks like the one from Tiffany but it has much better quality and cheaper in price.  Most of my friends, even a few sales reps from jewellery stores, thought my engagement ring is from Tiffany.  hahaha...
作者: tweety    時間: 2011-11-5 21:01

回復 13# babybear28

    can you tell me where can I buy it? sound interesting..

作者: tapioca    時間: 2011-11-6 19:43

I want to know too, where to get a good quality diamond ring but in good price while the company is reliable?
作者: ccyip    時間: 2011-11-7 22:33

You can try for engagement ring.  The actually post picture of the actual diamond online so this is an advantage over bluenile as you can view it before buying.
作者: ani    時間: 2011-11-26 23:43

u can try
作者: tapioca    時間: 2011-11-28 11:37

How much would/did you spend on an engagement ring? I heard that in tradition is around 2 to 3 months of groom's salary??
作者: Nam    時間: 2011-11-28 12:55

yeah, I think generally is 2 - 3 months salary... and most people spent around at least 6K for the rock now, diamond price goes up this year... it is cheaper for 20-25% if you buy the rock off from whole sale and asked a jewerller to do it for you .. .

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