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標題: 以後不雖再對焦 Introducing Lytro! [打印本頁]

作者: ACC-HE    時間: 2011-6-22 09:23     標題: 以後不雖再對焦 Introducing Lytro!

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A Camera That Could Care Less About Focus: Introducing Lytro


demo: (click anywhere on the pic to focus)
作者: Look4chrisng    時間: 2011-6-22 09:38

two difficult directions are going.  Some wants complete automation.  Some are going back to full manual, film and hand printing to enjoy the photo taking experience.
作者: 快樂牛郎    時間: 2011-6-22 10:36

It's not just about the process.  End results also matter.  However, 90% of people cannot tell a good lens from a bad one.  So why would they care?  But for me, most lenses are just not up to my standard.
作者: BiscottiGelato    時間: 2011-6-22 10:47

yeah, saw a univeristy research project on this a couple years back. I guess they actually commercialized it.

problem is, you essentially reduce say, a 22Mpix FF photo into say, a bunch of lower resolution photos at different focus distance at lower resolution.

It's not actually distinct photos at lowe rresolution, but instead of capturing more details, you capture different angle of light instead. End result is still trading resolution for focual data (angle of light).
作者: Look4chrisng    時間: 2011-6-22 13:38

Giving a new meaning on decisive moment.

I think it has good application on Security, not so in photography.  But isn't if you combine small sensor and wide lens.  Everything in focus, and apply blur will have the same effect?
作者: Look4chrisng    時間: 2011-6-22 13:41

Cowboy:  Good lens are good, so are bad lens.

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