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作者: Tina    時間: 2014-1-3 17:09     標題: Good Chinese Restaurant

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Could you please recommend some good Chinese restaurants ( 平價 or 中價) in Vancouver, Burnaby, or Richmond?

We are looking for a restaurants where we can order dishes and share (e.g. similar to 西湖海鮮酒家)

Thank you so much
作者: Quest    時間: 2014-1-3 20:44

I like South Sea Chinese Seafood restaurant, in that little mall north of alderbridge and garden city (Rmd) to Tsukiji sushi.. (or happymay, whatever catches your eye).

It's hole-in-the-wall style (not fancy) but food is decent IMO....

作者: kimball    時間: 2014-1-3 22:59

作者: tsawwassen    時間: 2014-1-4 00:04

I like Pink Pearl Restaurant in Vancouver, food size large and price  is reasonable. My granddad took my dad go there for  Dim Sum  and now I take my children go there for Dim Sum and dinner. They are 30 years in business and not bad at all.

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