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標題: [加拿大新聞] Concerns raised about B.C. supercar rally after crash on Sea-to-Sky Highway [打印本頁]

作者: Quest    時間: 2020-9-8 08:56     標題: Concerns raised about B.C. supercar rally after crash on Sea-to-Sky Highway

Concerns raised about B.C. supercar rally after crash on Sea-to-Sky HighwaySocial Sharing   

2 children among those injured in Saturday crash; drivers told they must abide by speed limits, organizer saysCBC News · Posted: Sep 08, 2020 6:30 AM PT | Last Updated: 3 hours ago

A silver Lamborghini involved in the crash was part of the Hublot Diamond Rally. (Whistler RCMP)

People who live along B.C.'s Sea-to-Sky Highway are questioning the wisdom of holding a supercar rally along the twisty mountain road after a crash that injured several people this past weekend.  
Two children were among those taken to hospital on Saturday after a three-car crash south of Whistler involving a silver Lamborghini that was part of the Hublot Diamond Rally, a charity event between Vancouver and Pemberton.  
Acting Squamish Mayor Chris Pettingill said major crashes like this are a big drain on local emergency resources. Speeding is always a concern on the highway, and he's concerned about events that attract a large number of high-powered cars to the road.  
"The whole value proposition of these vehicles is that they're fast and they're fun to go fast in. This highway really wasn't meant for people to be going fast," Pettingill said.  
"Is this the best way to raise funds right now?"  
The rally takes drivers along the highway from Vancouver to the Pemberton Airport, where they can let loose on the airport runways.  
Traffic was backed up for hours following Saturday's crash as collision reconstruction teams surveyed the scene.   
An RCMP press release says the Lamborghini was involved in an "incident" with a black Range Rover while both were driving northbound. The Lamborghini spun out of control and crossed the median into oncoming traffic, where it collided with a Toyota.  
Police are considering criminal charges of dangerous driving against the drivers of the Lamborghini and the Range Rover, and they're imploring everyone to slow down on the Sea to Sky.  

  'It's a dangerous highway'  
Rally organizer Craig Stowe says all participants are told to abide by the speed limit.  
"Traffic safety laws must be followed at all times, and they signed an agreement that they will uphold," he said.   
"We will notify everyone to make sure that they abide to the speed limits of the traffic safety when they're on the highway."  

But Whistler resident Susan Pratt wants to see this type of event banned from the highway completely.  
"It's a dangerous highway to begin with," she said. "It feels like it shouldn't be allowed. Perhaps there would be a way to find a place, some abandoned highway, where they could go and just have their fun, or a racetrack somewhere."

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